13km San Miguel Hike/MTB Loop

13km San Miguel Hike/MTB Loop

If there's a non-cyclist in your group, or perhaps if you prefer a MTB/gravel ride, this is a pretty un-technical loop for hiking, running other off-road activity. It boasts one of the best views in the area when you reach the top, and doable at any time of year. 


Some hiking around Girona is more technical than this, but you can choose to stick to the "Pista" (wide, smooth gravel tracks), or cut onto the rocky single track if you want more of a challenge. They both follow roughly the same trail so you won't get lost. 


Leaving Girona you'll head out the San Daniel valley and pass one of our favourite restaurants, El Cul Del Mon where you turn left. The first few kilometres are on paved road, but you'll quickly get onto the dirt with a couple short kicker hills. Once you go under the motorway you're really onto the trail and it's all up from there. 


Follow the signs from here to San Miguel if you get off track. The whole route is fairly well marked. At the top, after a few minutes rest in the cool breeze of the Puig San Miguel, you head south following the ridgeway gravel road. This drops down at first, but don't be surprised when it turns up again. If you're out of beans when you get to the top of San Miguel, you can follow the same path straight back down or follow the loop route for an extra challenge.

At the Southern-most point on the loop you'll come across the "Stone Bench" (it's a stone bench) where you'll have some great views of the valley below and distant hills. From here it's all downhill and you'll be back in town before you know it. If you want a challenge, try some of the singletrack trails that cut off to the side of the main pista. They're brilliant fun on a mountainbike, but not really recommended without some form of suspension. 

The end of the route will take you to our favourite Gelateria in Placa Independencia, Bombonera.  

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