What do most North American bike riders crave after a hard week of training? Or, ahem, every day? Mexican, obviously. Maguey is the ultimate local favourite where you’re pretty sure to run into someone you know. Arturo and Eva, the owners and chefs are two of the loveliest humans in Girona and we cannot recommend Maguey highly enough. 11/10, etc.

The menu is an assortment of mexican classics but you won’t find any over-stuffed burritos here. There’s a good assortment of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and they’ll often make little changes (like going sin queso or a vegetarian version) if you ask nicely. Thanks to a weekly habit, we’ve tried almost everything on the menu and would recommend the following:

If you fancy something spicy, hearty and rich, try the Enmolada Enchilada. Made with over 23 ingredients - including chocolate, the mole sauce is to-die-for. You’ll find yourself scraping the side of your dish afterward and wishing for more, even though you’ll be stuffed.


For a slightly healthier choice, the tacos are awesome, less spicy and if you’re super hungry you can add an extra taco, making it a plate of 4 instead of 3. Try either the Cochinita Pibil or the Steak taco if you’re a meat-eater. Or the Nopal if you want something light, fresh and vegetarian.

To mix it up, try the Tostadas, both the Polpo and Pibil are delicious and a great starters.

Now, if you’re bold, ask if there’s anything special, off the menu, that you can try. Some of their most amazing dishes are seasonal or when they do slow-cooked meats, use local mushrooms, or just generally want to make something more exciting. The must-have off-menu is the Chilaquiles, a traditional spicy chicken and cheese dish that makes a fantastic starter to share, or all for yourself if you’re greedy (and smart, when you’re with a bunch of cyclists).

Maguey is the only place in town to go for real margarita, and their selection of mezcal is out of this world. Be warned.

If you ask nicely, they do take-away. But be careful. Maguey is addictive.

Send a whatsapp message to them on +34659695631 to book a table.