Espresso Mafia

All hail the best and only place in town to buy fresh roasted coffee beans. Business number 2 by Amber and Christian Meier, Espresso Mafia is tucked away in the shade of the old town.

This is Federico. We love Federico.

The cafe is pretty special for Girona. It feels like it belongs in Brooklyn or Montreal rather than Girona, and the quality of coffee matches that standard. Christian is a big coffee nerd and you can tell when you try them. I remember the first real conversation I had with Christian, after a few months of awkward chit chat, I asked him about cold brew (which they have) and I couldn't shut him up after that. You might see him tucked away at the roaster in the second room of Mafia, diligently working away. Mafia now are starting to supply some of the best restaurants in town with beans, too.

When it opened, Espresso Mafia quickly because the place a lot of riders would meet for a quick coffee instead of hunting for a free table at La Fabrica. 

Espresso Mafia's food is pretty limited to tasty cakes and pastries. They've just started sell cold-press juices, which I'm a big fan of. They don't have wifi, but it's a wonderful place to actually have conversations with people! They're also great because Federico works there and we love Federico. He's an Italian kayaker and pours the best coffee in town.