Bici Oci

When I was first told about Bici Oci, other than the fact that it was hidden, far away in Salt (but who knew Salt also had an old town!), was that the owner, David, was an amazing guy. Upon my first visit, a guy walked out of the workshop and I immediately knew it had to be David. Everything about his looks and his aura spoke “amazing guy” to me.

Then I got to know him - and my appreciation for the man has only grown. It is definitely a bit of a trip out to his shop, but I always find it worth it to go and spend a few moments with David and ever friendly Narcis in the the shop. Both are avid single speed MTB fans - and have at least one steel rig in their respective quivers which makes me all the happier - but they’re into anything that can be thrown at them and I’ve been road riding, mountain biking, gravel riding and single speeding with David - at times even swapping shoes and bikes and trying out each other’s rigs - it’s not often someone is almost exactly your size!

But that’s all about them - the shop - Bici Oci.

It’s a small shop and every bit the kind of LBS (Local Bike Shop) that I got to know as I got into the sport and will forever love. I have often asked for some random bike part and after a bit of head scratching, something has been found.

Oh, and there’s a tiny square just beside the shop with a great family restaurant - if you’re ever there at lunch time don’t hesitate trying it out.

Not much english is spoken - in the restaurant or at the shop - but that has never stopped anyone I’ve sent to either coming back to me with glowing report cards! On special request David has been known to pickup and drop off bikes for services.

(Best pronounced in english as B.C. O.C).