Can Tura

What is the "ultimate" local? Well, Can Tura is. 28km out of Girona up the Llemena valley, beyond the turn to Les Planes Hostoles, you'll find this hidden gem of a farmhouse restaurant in the village of San Aniol. Near the headwaters of the Riera de Llemena which runs down the valley, Can Tura is both idyllic and everyday. You can rock up in sweaty cycling kit, jump into the river to rinse off and they are still happy to have you. 

Vegetarians be warned, this place is all about the meat, and cava. On the weekends they serve a multi-course lunch menu (mostly meat) for €20 including water, wine and other drinks. By multi-course, I mean, you're going to be rolling out of there sideways and won't need dinner. Or maybe even breakfast the following day. 

Lunch starts with a table set with salad, embotits and jamon. You'll quickly be served a giant platter of snails (a local favourite, try them, they're tasty), followed by several courses ranging from slow-cooked meats including pig's feet, rabbit, and chicken, to a sort of mushroom risotto, gambas, salt cods, and the list goes on. Like I said, you'll be rolling out of there - probably not on a bike (though it is mostly all downhill back into town, so it has been done). 

The owner of the place is not really a fan of wine so the wine is a bit crap, but you learn to drink like a local by adding a sweet sparkling soda (a bit like sprite or 7up) called Gaseosa which makes the wine more than drinkable. He is, however, a big fan of Cava. In order for Cava to be called Cava it has to come from Catalunya and be prepared according to centuries-old rules. And the owner is a fan. On our first visit to Can Tura, with every bottled opened, we were ushered outside to see the bottles sliced open with a machete! Every. Single. Bottle. I don't think this is required, but man was it fun. 

You can't talk about Can Tura without mentioning the menagerie of farm animals who live around the place. A couple of peacocks, turkeys, the occasional piglet, an Emu, and several cats all call Can Tura home. 

This place is absolutely not to be missed. And about as local and traditional as they come. Open every day for lunch 2pm-7pm +34972443102 be sure to call for reservations!