Restaurant Can Pol

Can Pol is one of those places we've ridden past a hundred times but never actually stopped for. WHAT A MISTAKE. At the halfway point up Els Angels leaving Girona, just as the road flattens out, the succulent gardens of Can Pol greet you. If it's lunchtime, stop. Eat, enjoy. Or better yet, time it for the end of your ride with an easy roll downhill back into Girona.


Much like Taverna del Subira, our first experience with Can Pol was looking at possible wedding venues. To begin with, there are cats. Not just any old feral farm cats, but lovely, friendly kitties who will hang out over a glass of vino and the menu del dia. The menu isn't the cheapest at €20/pp and that doesn't include drinks, but the quality is great. They have fantastic salads, a delicious gazpacho, and melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked meats. 

There's both indoor and outdoor seating under a massive mulberry tree. And plenty of parking if you choose to drive, or meet friends there. Highly recommended.