Mas Molla

DO Emporda is the wine region around Girona, and Mas Molla is one of our favourite vineyards in the area. Over 300 years in the same family making "farmer's wine", Mas Molla comes in un-labeled bottles and never really makes it out of the region as it gets snapped up by locals. Made the traditional way without sulphites or preservatives, some barrels are over 50 years old and still hold the character of wines nearly a generation old. 


The flavours are earthy and range in depth from light and fruity young wines to beautifully aged, liquorice and stone-fruit tasting "Witch's Wine". Ask to try the Jaque, at any age. Unlike the vast majority of vines in Europe, the Jaque is not grafted onto American roots, and a truly remarkable flavour. A little taste of history. 

The bottles are priced by the year, so a 2 year old wine will be €2 and a 7 year will be €7. They offer tastings and tours of the winery on appointment. They also sell a delicious Cava, but be prepared to wait as they tend to sell out! 


On Tuesday and Friday 5:30-8:30pm, the family sell soft fruit as well, and worth leaving a bit of extra room in the back of your car for a haul of seasonal peaches, nectarines and plums. 

+34 972 65 01 36