The Service Course

One of the latest additions to the Girona bike shop list, The Service Course, is quite a bit more than a bike shop. The Service Course is the third business opened in Girona by Amber and Christian Meier, specialising in very, very nice road cycling holiday rentals. This is basically where you rent a bike for the fancy person you want to impress. It's also the most central bike shop in Girona where you can find easily spare tyres, levers, and bits of kit you might be missing.

They sell some top kit from David Millar and our dear friend Richard Pearce's Chpt.III range, along with some beautifully designed The Service Course souvenir kits and jazzy socks. 

Bike rental rates - they rent FARA bikes - are a little on the pricey end (€55-65/day), but worth every penny if you want to have the best holiday riding experience you've ever had. That means you can also add lots of fancy extras like ENVE wheels or use a KASK helmet. 

Beyond the top-notch rentals and a full-service workshop, Service Course also offers massage services, lodging and fully-serviced cycling camps for groups. They have an on-site concierge who can help with pretty much any arrangements you need.

They've got: Full-service workshop, high-end road bike rentals, kit sales, souvenirs, accommodation, massage, tours and camps. They don't do mountain bike stuff, though. 

Open daily 9am - 5pm